CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Junkyard Dog

Jumping in teams of two (10 reps per person)

Second part as a whole group


2012 Team Event 4 (Time)

Lighter weight first

75 Back squats 95#

50 situps

25 S2O 95#

75 Front squats 65#

50 Situps

25 S2O 65#

75 OHS 45#

50 Situps

25 S20

– Repeat round for next 2 teamates at weights of 135#, 85#, and 65#
Once the barbell is cleaned it cannot touch the ground until first team of two is complete with their round. Then you can adjust for next team and weight to complete their round. Reps can be split up between members however they want but while transitioning the other 2 members must hold barbell in air until transition is complete or until the team completes their sit-ups.