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July 24, 2017

CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit Core


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds

200m Run

10 Goodmornings pvc

10 PVC Passthroughs

Burgener Warm-up (No Measure)


1. Down and “Finish”

2. Elbows High and Outside

3. Muscle Snatch

4. Snatch Lands at 2″, 4″, 6″

5. Snatch Drops


1. Snatch Push Press

2. Overhead Squat

3. Heaving Snatch Balance

4. Snatch Balance without a dip

5. Snatch Balance with a dip


These are complicated lifts. Let’s focus on each lift and try to be as efficient as possible. I want every lift to be your best lift possible, that’s what I want you to think about.

Snatch Wave complex (12min EMOM )

Power Snatch

Overhead squat

Squat Snatch
Min 1 55%

Min 2 60%

Min 3 65%

Min 4 rest

Repeat 2 more times


Metcon (Time)


Overhead Squat 165/105#

* Perform 3 rope climbs after each round
Goal for this workout is for unbroken Overhead squats. Scale back your weight so you can achieve this goal. This weight will be taken from the ground.

If you cannot do rope climbs we will be doing foot holds on the rope or rope pulls from the ground depending on your pull strength.

This is programmed to be a sprint type workout that should be finished no more than 5-6 minutes. Scale back so you can keep the intensity of the workout.

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