CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit


Mobility squat warmup (No Measure)

100 Single jump ropes

20 High Kick Lunges

3 Catipillar ( yoga style)

20 Side kick Lunges

3 Burpee Long Jumps


Back Squat (2×2 @ 100% )

If, for some reason you ended up maxing out squat mid program do NOT go off your new max. This 100% is the weight you lifted at the beginning of the program, which is why it should not be your 100% anymore. If you missed days on this squat cycle, it will show and it is why consistency is key to building strength and conditioning in any realm of fitness.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Min amrap

10 Pistols

15 Pushups

20 Double Unders (40 Singles)

* Perform Ascending Bear Complexes after every round, ie after 1st round perform 1 Bear complex, after round 2 perform 2 Bear Complexes and so on. 135/95#