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March 14, 2018

CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit Core

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Active Warm-Up 2 (No Measure)

200M Jog

10 Goblet Squats

10 KB Swings

10 Push Ups

200M Jog

10 Pull Ups

10 Burpees

10 Sit Ups

200M Jog


Bench Press (5×5)

Superset with bent over row. Do a set of 5 bench press and immediately do a set of 5 rows. Work your way up in weight on both.


Metcon (Distance)

10 min amrap partner

Max meter row

Partner A rows while partner B completes a 100 meter farmers carry with 50/35# Dumbells . When partner B gets back partner B will Row and partner A will complete a 100 Meter farmers carry.

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