CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit Core

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Overhead Warmup (No Measure)

500m row

:30 sec Handstand hold

10 GHD Back Extensions

10 Pvc pass throughs

10 PVC Overhead walking lunges

5 Jump shrugs

5 Add high pull

5 Muscle snatch

5 Power snatch


Drop Snatch (5×2)

Start off with pvc pipe and drill technique for a good 5 minutes. This movement you get no dip or drive. You immediately drop down into your overhead squat as fast as possible. This movement teaches us to push ourselves down into the overhead postion, the barbell should not move upward but rather stays at the height it starts in. This will not be a heavy movement but rather a practice of speed and balance so keep it light until you have perfected the movement at that weight.


Tabata (5 Rounds for reps)

Tabata :20 work max reps :10 rest is one round

each movement consist of 8 rounds for max reps

Chest to Bar Pulups

Rest 1 minute


Rest 1 minute

Seated Shoulder Press 75/55#

Rest 1 minute

GHD Hip extensions

Rest 1 minute

Jumping Back squats 75/45#