CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit

Start of the open starts today!! If you haven’t registered you stil can so make sure you do that so we can do this as a whole community. We dont want anyone to feel left out this open season so if you need help, let us know!! We will have a viewing at the gym at 7pm of the live announcement so if you would like to come up, hang out or challenge someone to a face off we are willing to judge anyone who would like to perform the first open workout right then and there! Only 2 people at this time. Otherwise we will have Friday and Saturdays classes open for the workout. Thanks!


Because of the open we will use Thursday’s to recoupe our bodies and get it ready for the open workouts. We encourage everyone to come in, stretch and get on the rower or bike for a good 15-20 at a nice slow pace to initiate blood flow and promote a faster recovery. Thank you all for your cooperation and we look forward to having a great open season!!