CrossFit Seabrook – CrossFit Core

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Partner Cindy with a 6 pack (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30 min amrap

One partner does a full round of cindy while the ther holds the stated postion. When The round is complete they will switch and continue until 30 minutes is up

Minutes 0-9 the partner will hold plank

Minutes 10-19 the Partner will hold superman

Minutes 20-29 the partner will hold hollow rock

Partner must hold position before other partner can continue to work on cindy.

Score will be total rounds performed total.

Partner Total (AMRAP – Reps)

30 min running clock

Minutes 0-10

Team will run 800m run and with time remaining acquire a 1rm snatch any style

Minutes 10-20

Teams will run 800m Run and acquire 1rm clean and jerk with time remaining

Minutes 20-30

Teams will acquire as many burpees as possible